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Why nosh?

Picture it. It’s mid-afternoon and you’re sitting at your desk at work. You look at the pile of papers that have “to do” written all over them. You look at the clock and calculate that you still have at least three hours before you can blow this popsicle stand without raising any eyebrows. You need a break. Not a smoke break, cause that can kill you. And you’re not really hungry so you quickly dismiss the vending machine. What can you do that’s entertaining (and maybe a little helpful), doesn’t cost money or make you eat an inordinate amount of sugar? How about nibbling on STYLEnosh.

STYLEnosh is designed to feed your fashion and personal style cravings.

STYLEnosh is about:
• Having fun
• Inspiring personal style
• Motivating you to “show the world the real you” through what you wear

STYLEnosh is not about:
• Promoting designer clothing only (which I love but let’s be honest, everyone can’t afford $300 shoes)
• Spending money you don’t have

I believe that personal style is important because when you walk out of the house, you tell the world how you feel about yourself by what you choose to put on your back. As a good friend once said, “It takes just as much time to put on ugly clothes as it does to put on something nice.” So my goal is to show you how to dress better which will undoubtedly cause you to feel better. (Trust me on this one.)

So nosh. And enjoy!


lover of: * all things aesthetically pleasing (which unfortunately outweighs functionality and practicality) * fashion magazines * personal development books * shopping (which is often more important than eating)