November 29, 2007


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August Deed

Is your freind who made the comment about boots and warm weather from the South?
I find that my South homeboys and girls ,sometimes ,look at boots as cold weather protectors all the time instead of fashion pieces.
I used to,but have changed with age. I have a friendly enemy who wears leather in the Spring here because she wore leather any old time back at home in Nevada.


That's great observation August Deed. My friend is from Chicago but he has lived in Atlanta for at least a decade. I thought that he may have held that opinion because guys sometimes can't understand or appreciate women's quirky fashion trends. Maybe he'll comment and explain his views!


Well in L.A., the epicenter of unreasonable fashion trends, anything goes. If it looks cute and you are comfortable, do it. That type of anything goes attitude can lead you to create some interesting, unexpected combinations. I never believed in fashion rules anyways. Not even when I lived in the Midwest.

However, I do extend my sincere apologies on behalf of L.A. for unleashing that Uggs trend/plague on the world.


Jess, thank you for apologizing to the world for the Ugg epidemic! That's one trend that we really didn't need! I concur on your assessment of LA's unreasonable fashion trends. LA definitely believes in "if you love it, wear it" mentality. Which personally, I can appreciate.

Meg from All About Appearances and The Bargain Queen

No worries about your mojo.

I'd hardly ever get to wear boots if I only wore them when it was cold outside. I think your suggestions are right on target.

On the other hand, boots with fuzzies and fur do look a bit silly when it's 80 degrees out.


Meg, you make a great point. My friends who live in Southern Cali or Florida, they have to wear sneak a boot in every now and then because it's not going to dip into the cool temps very often. And I definitely agree with staying away from the extremes like fuzzy boots, short shorts, and a tank top. How can THAT combination be a good idea?!?


LOL! Its funny to see my text to D actually make it to Stylenosh! As a male (from Chicago), I laugh at women wearing boots when its 60 degrees outside. It's up there with wearing fur just because you have it and not to keep you warm. And let me clarify...I was actually talking about the big, fuzzy ones...not the sensible leather boots. I guess as a guy, I see boots as something more functional and less as a fashion statement.


Well, the originator of this fashion controversy has weighed in. I think he brought up a key point in this conversation. Men don't usually think of fashion outside of its functionality. In their world, boots are made to keep your feet warm. In our world, boots are a great way to make a statement and keep maybe keep your feet warm. They're multifunctional, people!


If it looks good on them and their comfortable, what's the big deal?


I agree with you j. brown IF the person looks good in furry boots and a mini skirt. But unfortunately, they usually don't! lol

cold weather boots

I agreed with you.Thanks for this wonderful post

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