December 13, 2007


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August Deed

Good morning! As a formal event attendee ALWAYS---ALL YEAR--my sister, keeps and purchases such attire on the regular. People go to her for evening bag and outfit borrows,but I do such rarely and I need to put together an outfit or two for two "after-five" events this month.
I was advised to get jazzy purses ( and I LOVE BLACK because if it is done right--it is sharp) and shoes to formal up one slinky black dress and I need another idea for one more without spending any more money.
The dress in the second shot is very spring/summer--to me. You are a black-hater,but in that first shot,you can change that skirt to something flirtier for a better black look.


I like jazzy purses too especially anything colorful and beaded. And it shouldn't be too hard to find a fancy evening bag because they're everywhere from Bloomingdale's to Target. Now the tricky part is finding something to wear without spending money. I agree with you on the second dress because it really is a summer fabric. So I'll probably have to rock the first look. I've already pulled out everything in my closet that may work for a semi-formal event and I quickly realized I was coming up short! Maybe you and I should raid your sister's closet! LOL


I would go with option #1. In the picture, the skirt doesn't look all that black to me, but maybe it's the flash of the camera against the fabric. But I think it's chic and stylish and more season appropriate. Plus the shoes and bag add some color to make it pop.


Thanks Lisa! I think I'm going to take your advice!


First, came here from SusanW's post on BlogHer.com

Second. Definitely wear the first outfit.

Third. A fine necklace with some sparkle (and maybe a little red??) with that?? What jewelry will you be wearing?


Hello Debra! Thanks for checking out STYLEnosh! It looks like it will be the first outfit. And honestly, I haven't even considered jewelry. I like your suggestion of adding something red and sparkly. I'll have to be creative. If I don't have anything, I may be able to borrow something from a friend. Thanks again for visiting and giving me some ideas!


I would choose the first outfit. I would also recommend that you start a little evening collection JUST IN CASE. I love dressing up but, like you, don't have the dough to fork out $200.00 on a dress each time. Keep your eyes peeled for items that can do double/triple duty (that red purse, that black top) and purchase a few things as you can. Discount stores like TJ Maxx sometimes have great bargains off season. I also have had great success on eBay for formal wear. (Obviously this takes more time than you have.) Best of luck!


Hey Jewels! Thanks for the tips! At one point I was building my evening collection but I guess I got off track the last few years. I'll be on the lookout for some things to add to my closet when the big sales hit in January.

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