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April 29, 2009


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The August Deed Company

Does your fiberous and raw diet make you gassy? How long do you plan on staying on it? Pounds wise--what have you lost?
I feel that ladies under 5'4 can do shorter shorts with more ease because we have shorter legs but it also depends on how your cheeks are situated,I find.I am well below 5'4 and my butt cheeks sit high so my cheeks do not peak out when I am wearing short shorts. My 20 year old niece is 5'3' and her cheeks are low and short shorts can be porno style on her.


Hey August Deed! The raw diet can elicit a good amount of gas but it seems like my body has adjusted over the last four weeks. So it's not as bad as it was in week one. My plan is to eat raw during the day, and then eat a cooked meal in the evening. I haven't weighed myself in the last two weeks but I was losing 2 lbs and 1% body fat per week the first couple of weeks.

And good point about the shape of your butt cheeks and short shorts. Just let me say, the shorts I'm wearing aren't that short. lol If they were, I'd be looking like your niece. :)


LMAO August Deed, Nosh perhaps one day you'll be up near me in short length ;-) It's either super short, or bermuda long, anything in between literally annoys me. Besides you've always had nice legs anywho so I'm glad you are happy with them. How is the raw foods diet going? How long are you going to stay on it? You actually may want to review the denim diet which has some pretty common sense recommendations for staying fit and healthy eating.


Hey Mo! I think my super short shorts days will be left in the 90s. lol Thanks for the compliment. They actually look leaner and more toned these days. The raw food diet has been a wonderful experience. The only thing I really craved was my dried wasabi peas. Oh and I did miss eating warm food. I'm looking forward to my first cooked meal in 35 days tomorrow night. My plan is to eat raw during the day and a cooked meal at night. And on the weekends, I can have 2 guilt free foods. I'll keep you posted. And I'll check out the denim diet cause I've never heard of it. Eating raw foods (and drinking distilled water) for 30 days allows your body the chance to flush out the junk and toxins we accumulate over time. After you make that kind of effort, you really don't want to go back and consume sugar or processed foods. I saw people eating funnel cake at a festival and I almost hurled. Seriously.


Ugh yeah funnel cake YUK! We did a modified version where we cut out a lot of processed stuff and my taste buds are super sensitive now where some things taste REALLY sweet or salty. I was considering a modified version of the raw diet, my loctician does that and juices a lot and loves it!


Right Mo. Your taste buds totally change when you cut out sugar and salt. I think you should definitely consider a modified raw diet. Maybe eat fruits and veggies for breakfast and lunch and then have a cooked meal at dinner or vice versa. And I also recommend juicing and healthy smoothies with fruit, veggies, and water. It's a great way to get a ton of nutrients at once. Keep me posted!!!

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