January 13, 2010


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So here's to hoping my husband doesn't see the title for this one! SHEESH! I have been trying to be REALLY good at purging items from my closet, but sometimes it's hard. What types of tips do you have for folks that keep all 4 seasons of clothes in one place? Can I also interject that a big closet eliminates the need for a chest of drawers and frees up valuable square footage for you :-) I think the hardest thing is to really judge ,with or without a friend, things that look good on you. I mean we all have some go to outfits, but really how to mix and match so getting dressed is a pleasure (ala Lloyd, Tim Gunn and the UK What not to wear ladies). I am inspired to host a clothing swap. Wanna come visit Seattle?:-)


LOL Mo, I hope your husband doesn't see this blog post either. You asked an excellent question about what to do if you keep 4 seasons of clothes in one closet. That's exactly what I do so I know the challenges that method brings. (Sounds like a new blog post to me.:) But here's the main trick: get items that transcend more than one season. That's why I like layering because I'm making good use of my t-shirts and tank tops even in the winter months. A clothing swap is an excellent idea! It would be helpful to give people some ideas on how to wear their newly swapped items. That's my job, huh? So when is a good time to travel to Seattle?


Usually spring is nice here, though right now we are enjoying some warmer temps in the 50's which is better than most of the country.
I remember back to that great clothing/accesory swap we had years ago and it was a lot of fun! At least I know I have lots of great shoes for you here!:-)I'll organize it and then perhaps folks can send your pics of their newly aquired items and for a fee you can tell them great ideas on how to re-use?


Mo, I love that idea!!! We had so much fun at our swap I know people will love it! Let's discuss when you'd want to do it. :-)

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