December 05, 2011


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August Deed

I agree.Cutesy simple and no BIG SPENDING. I am recyling a party outfit from 3 holidays seasons ago to cover a record 6 parties before Christmas. Two parties are on the same night , so that is one outfit only .LAFF! It is a pantsuit that has a sheer duster and that duster is going over a mini dress and that pant suit will be worn w/o the duster. I can do those two combinations for three of the parties and I have to ponder over the other others parties this week. I am thinking about that same dark green mini dress with SOMETHING over it for one party and solo with a new pair of shoes for another.


Hey August Deed! I just saw your comment. It was buried in all the spam. :) Whoa! 6 parties before Christmas! I don't blame you for recycling your outfits. You've got the right idea. Take a piece or two and add something to it to give it a different look. Money stays in your pocket and you look fantastic at every event. I love it! Now, try not to overdue it at these parties. You're going to need a vacation after all of this celebrating. :)

The August Deed Co.

You know what though? I have always been a fraidy cat about wearing sleeveless and backless party wear in winter. I see you had on a sleeveless top. I had a Mom who was so season driven and she made my sisters and I stick to dos and do nots. I am still stuck on that as a Mom myself( no girls to dress ,thankfully).
I am with you on not buying for special occasions, but I saw a couple of backless party dresses that were less than 20 dollars at Ross. I think I may get one and add one of my sparkle cardigans.I will try to only be photographed in two outfits!!>:-)
I saw some great hotpants and boots at a party yestrday and I have my ideas for next year already.


August Deed, definitely pull out your sleeveless and backless tops for the holiday season. I think many of us grew up with those "no white after Labor Day" rules but today's fashion cues say we can leave those ideas (thankfully) in the past.

You know I don't believe in buying outfits for special occasions but I surely believe in picking up an item or two if it's 1. at a fantastic price and 2. can be worn next year too. Those items are usually great wardrobe builders. :)

I love the dressed up hotpants idea like the gold I showed a couple of weeks ago. If nothing else, they keep me motivated to keep hitting boot camp hard. LOL

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